Mzansi 2075 Party #1

Q: So what do you do?

A: I merge creativity into life.

Q: Sharp, but tell me a bit more please…

A: Sure. So I am a conceptual artist, I have a production company called CIEproductions. I make documentaries, films, contemporary art – oh and I host parties, theme parties, they’re actually for my films or more for my screenplays; I make multimedia screenplays basically. Its all experimentation, I really cannot put one label on anything I do, it can fit into any industry depending on what the work needs. So hmm, ultimately I’m just an artist really. I make art, that’s what I do.

Q: And CIE, what does it stand for, who is it, who are you?

A: I am Carla Inez Espost, but that is only partly what CIEproductions stand for. The other half is ‘Creatively Incited Enthusiasm’ – this is what I, Carla Inez Espost, strive to do everyday.

Q: Tell me more about Carla Inez Espost and the Formation of CIEproductions:

A: One, I’ve always been a stubborn kid. I always want to do things my way, that, plus I’m curious and get bored quickly so I definitely need the challenge of doing things my way – which usually gives one much more teenstand (can’t get the English word… wind from the front basically).

Q: Obstruction,  impediments… hindrance?

A: Ja, those things. Okay, so that’s me basically and ja, then I got a degree in Visual Arts – which provided me with even more conviction to carry on pursuing things in my own way. And so I ended up doing my Masters in Screenwriting. This was quite a challenge as now I had to leave the images behind and start thinking more in words, but still, it was screen-writing so that really got me thinking more about my interest in cinema. Until I realized that my core artistic interested lies in narrative art and more specifically cinematic narrative. Working mostly in digital mediums, video and photography, I am currently in the process of writing a television series as well as directing a documentary about the local hip hop and spoken word poetry scene amongst others. And ja, so CIEproductions was just the byproduct of all this. It’s my way of engaging more with commercial film, TV and video basically, but its also a way of connecting and expanding my art practice to more concrete productions and projects – and ultimately collaborations.