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CRASH! Documentation of Installation, 2013
INT. STORE ROOM - NIGHT. Documentation of Installation, 2012
INT. TEA ROOM - DAY. Documentation of Installation, 2012
Mzansi 2075. Film still from short film, 2014
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Carla Inez Espost

As a storyteller-artist my interest lies at the junction of contemporary art and film – i.e. living visual narrative.

Locating my work betwixt the fields of contemporary art and film, my art becomes an Investigation into the philosophers Gilles and Deleuze’s concept of ‘the rhizome’.

My methodology as storyteller-artist thus consists of integrating the private and the public and thus creating new myths that help reclaim authority for the self against skewed ideologies. By means of applying an antenarrative method, I deconstruct reality, construct the deconstruction into fiction, whereby I then further reconstruct my own fictions into a non-linear, rhizome-like, living visual narrative.

My interest lies in the storyteller’s act of self-reflexive recontextualization of personal experience into a distant political context. This act defines the power of the storyteller/ the mythmaker: Using self-created myths as personal anchors, the storyteller helps his/her listeners to understand their relationship towards everything around them. Thus the storyteller’s use of personal fictions enables his/her audience to integrate their lives into the bigger fiction (ideology) of their daily reality.