Duiwelsdorp (‘Deviltown’) the film,  is a western set in the late 1800’s Johannesburg South Africa.

It is a story of love and betrayal – but above all it is the story of greed and the birth of modern South Africa. It depicts ordinary South African’s of those times’ resistance against the political leader and mining magnate Cecil John Rhodes amongst others. It is a parallel narrative story that plays the history of Lesotho off against the birth and gold rush banditry of the city of Johannesburg.

The film was inspired by Credo Mutwa’s ‘Indaba My Children’, Johnny Steinberg’s books ‘The Masked Raiders’ and ‘The Story of A Horse’. Carla Espost wrote and finished the feature length script ironically just a month before the student activist movement at the University of Cape Town, Rhodes Must Fall, called for the removal of the statue of Cecil John Rhodes on their campus.