The Good The Bad And Ed Wood

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It seems like cult films continuously shift the borders between what is considered good or bad filmmaking, take for example Ed Wood’s case where ‘bad’ became ‘good’.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to one of the worst directors by the means of Tim Burton’s fantastical biography, Ed Wood (1994). This comedy-drama biopic, starring Johnny Depp as Ed Wood was awarded with 19 official wins and 12 nominations (including 2 Oscars). This underlines the pure irony which epitomizes the life and times of the real Ed Wood. 

Known for the poor quality of his blatantly staged special effects and lifeless actors, Wood earned a considerable cult following in the days following his death. Despite of Wood’s Golden Turkey Award for Worst Director this cult following shed new light on his film career. Edward Davis Wood Jr. (1924 − 1978) assigned himself director, producer, actor, author and editor and as if performing, Wood seamlessly waltzed through the filmmaking process, notoriously finishing a feature film in the matter of 5 days. 


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