CIEproductions is in the post-production phase of a short documentary that tells the story of Precious Ntombenqaba Petros, the project founder and manager of Masakhe Community Development Programme, a non-profit company, entrepreneurial development centre and day care.

The documentary aims to raise funds to build a creche in the area of Nyanga, Cape Town. The funds will ultimately be used to build a creche and educare that will be able to accommodate more or less 300 children. But this is only the start…Ultimately our mission is to find the NPO a sustainable, community minded designer to carry the project forward and build a locally relevant educational hub for pre- and primary school children – and so  improving the educational environment of many generations to come.

This project was initiated through CIEproductions’ involvement with the UCT Knowledge Co-Op.

“The UCT Knowledge Co-op provides a channel for external constituencies to access knowledge, skills, resources and professional expertise within the university. At the same time it provides an opportunity for academics and students to engage with society and address the needs of communities.” – UCT Knowledge Co-Op

Below is an article written by Carla Espost journaling her thoughts on the documentary filming process for the Masakhe short.


Things ‘are’ what they seem.