‘n Grou Skemer (A Grim Dusk); Die Laaste Afrikaners (The Last Afrikaners); and Mzansi 2075.

These are the 3 working titles for a speculative fiction television series that chronicles South Africa’s future in a Afro-Futurist Pan African light. Set in the year 2075, the story reflects on the current state of South Africa through a young Afrikaner girl’s intrepid affair with black market diamonds and the men that haunt it.

CIEproductions is creating a multimedia screenplay for this story and has initiated various collaborations to inform to aid in the project’s research phase.

CIEprductions hosted the event Mzansi 2075 Party#1 as the first set of collaborations. CIEproductions’ event collaborations acts as regular experimental dabbles in ‘The Cinema of chance’ which in turn inform the Experimental film and Video Art pieces created by Carla Inez Espost.


Mzansi 2075: La Dolce Vita in The Underwater City