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You know the winds have officially shifted when Goldman Sachs estimates that the VR market could be worth $80.0 billion within a decade” – Gaurav S. Iyer from Profit Confidential. Virtual Reality is Real and so is it’s potential for business. With specialized VR app stores and image stores for panoramic stock images Virtual Reality is opening up a whole new markets.

“Images now available in the Oculus Store include scenes from the Cannes Film Festival and 2014 World Cup.” – Steve Dent from Engadget



Not to mention Facebook’s steadfast investment in the future of Virtual Reality media. other brands who’s buyed into VR are: IKEA, McDonalds, Volvo, Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Sony, Patrón, Top Shop to name but a few. When a new marketing technology gains traction, brands have the opportunity to capture a new kind of moment with shoppers, to create a wow factor that leaves a lasting impression, and establish themselves as leaders in their industries” – Patrice Hall from Marxent Labs. From Journalism to Architecture, from Travel to Healthcare, not even mentioning the advertising or film industry – Virtual Reality IS the next frontier and that frontier is here… so if you want to make being in media more lucrative than ever, now’s the time – Geek is the new black.



Each campaign has a strong distribution strategy that strikes a balance to create a high-quality VR experience for those with a headset, while making a taste of the experience widely available via video or mobile devices. The key element that sets these experiences above others is the element of control: users are able to create a design or move through the Virtual creation, becoming an active participant instead of a passive viewer. This ability to control the experience elevates a campaign into a compelling experience that increases a brand’s connection with shoppers.” – Patrice Hall


So… if you don’t have a geek in the closet like most of us, support local and check out South Africa’s own VR studios to make a lasting brand experience that will secure your place in the bright and daring future of Virtual Reality. One of my favourite local VR studios is Sense Virtual, a Cape Town based Virtual Reality Studio who specializes in CG and 360 video content.


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