CIEproductions is in the process of developing and finalizing the production for a feature length documentary called Rymklep – eKapa’s contemporary Rymkletsers (literally translated as ‘Rhyme-valve’ – Cape Town’s contemporary ‘rhyme-chatters’)

The story focusses on the art of rhyming as related to poetry and storytelling. The documentary features performances by South African Emcee’s, rappers and poets such as Burni Aman, Prophets of The City, Khadija Heeger, Jitsvinger, Emile XY, Blaq Pearl, Garlic Brown, Malika Ndlovu, Breyten Breytenbach, (Spaza King) Dat Mvc, Adrian ‘Different’ van Wyk, Pieter Odendaal, Allison Claire-Hoskins, Thabiso ‘Wordsmith’ Nkoana, Roché Kester, MC Verassings, Soundz of The South, Rhimestein, Hemelbesem and many more. This feature length documentary highlights the importance of storytellers as healers and spiritual councilors for the community. Like a valve to the heart, so acute is the storyteller to keep the heart of the community alive and well. In this case the community is Cape Town, South Africa.