Things ‘are’ what they seem in Cape Town


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Photos sourced from the photo series of global bureaucratic offices (see the link for the full series)


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Film still of the local municipal health office in Cape Town.


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‘Things aren’t what they seem” the saying goes.

Well in Cape Town I’d say it’s just the opposite. In this still very racially divided old colonial capital of South Africa where we now, although half limping, try our best to celebrate the 20th year of constitutional democracy, the system unashamedly does not hide the little progress that has been taking place so far. Oh well, it seems like things are indeed what they seem. Well then of one thing we are sure; the Cape does not seem so fair as it was once thought of.


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The City of Cape Town ‘ The city that works for you’ aka few (as artists has dubbed it). Copyright of CIEproductions 2014


Almost as if to accentuate the Cape’s shapeshifting weather moods, where it could storm here and not there, Cape Town’s structure is like scattered showers, from Llandudno to Langa, 1st world here and 3rd world there.

As a  Capetonian born South African, I have come to investigate the city of my birth and started searching for the root of the undemocratic social problems in our constitutional democratic state. With this stride I was fortunate to have met a very industrious and courageously caring Woman from Nyanga and decided to document her journey via camera. The biggest reason why I decided to do that was because this Woman’s immense strength and naturally seeming willpower to nurture and care for those in her immediate surroundings, doing whatever it is that she can to provide people, from old to young with the means with which to empower themselves, got me curious and made me humble down to her, wanting to be taught by  this Wisdom bearing Woman what it takes to become a dignified nurturer of your community.

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If I had to describe what she does in bigger terms I would say she is a sustainably-minded urban leader that teaches the art of giving as much as you take from your immediate surroundings.

I am in the final stages of production and almost moving on to post-production on  a this documentary wherein Precious Ntombenqaba Petros, a Capetonian for longer than I am on this earth now, owner of the Non-Profit Organization Masakhe. As the managing director Ntombenqaba has been in a constant struggles with the local bureaucracy in order to maintain Masakhe’s educare and self empowerment centre.


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There are many reasons as to why these struggles persist but the most importantly messed up one of all is that the people with whom she tries to pledge her case, are mostly interested in self-gain.

Those that are intended to safegaurd people incriminate them instead. Ntombenqaba pledges to them the all-around  lack of information as to how to these governmental rules of them should be applied but they do not listen. She asks them as fellow township citizens to grasp the difficulties of what she is trying to to, how she is trying to help those in desperate need, those all around her living in the impoverished circumstances that they do – it all comes down to the unattainability of resources to implement these rules and regulations… but they do not want to listen.


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