Ntabiso Sojane and the poet Allison-Claire Hoskins from the vintage fashion brand 1042 at CIEproductions’ Mzansi 2075 Party #1

Photographer, fundraiser, sartorialist and public speaker Tony Mac from Tonys Houz is a real entrepreneur. CIEproductions supports and regularly collaborates with Tonys Houz and 1042, the vintage fashion side of Tonys Houz.

CIEproductions made this video for Tonys Houz’s first exhibition in 2014. It was a fantastic multidisciplinary event which opened up discussions around racism and inclusivity between students in Stellenbosch. More importantly though these discussions has led the way for the Open Stellenbosch movement (a youth activist movement in the university town of Stellenbosch) and paved the way for progressive change in a otherwise very conservative student community.

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