CIEproductions is in ongoing collaboration with Thabiso Wa Ga Nkoana aka Wordsmith the poet, performance artist, musicologist and all round creative.

“Born in Kagiso, raised in Diepkloof, polished in Scummyside and studying in Cape Town. Thabiso is a self proclaimed wordsmith exploring the multiverse one syllable at a time.” – Thabiso Nkoana (

The following video, titled ‘My World’ is a direct collaboration between Thabiso and CIEproductions:

The following is a poster designed by CIEproducitons for Wordsmith’s conceptual shows ‘Jesus is Not on a Mountain’. CIEproducitons also filmed these shows for future use in Rymklep, CIEproducitons’ upcoming documentary on the Cape Town ‘Rhyme-scene’.

The following is a collaboration between Taunyane, the filmmaker and Thabiso Nkoana. CIEproductions merely assisted where possible.

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